kwant.lattice.general(prim_vecs, basis=None, name='', norbs=None)[source]#

Create a Bravais lattice of any dimensionality, with any number of sites.

  • prim_vecs (2d array-like of floats) – The primitive vectors of the Bravais lattice

  • basis (2d array-like of floats) – The coordinates of the basis sites inside the unit cell

  • name (string or sequence of strings) – Name of the lattice, or sequence of names of all of the sublattices. If the name of the lattice is given, the names of sublattices (if any) are obtained by appending their number to the name of the lattice.

  • norbs (int or sequence of ints, optional) – The number of orbitals per site on the lattice, or a sequence of the number of orbitals of sites on each of the sublattices.


lattice – Resulting lattice.

Return type:

either Monatomic or Polyatomic


This function is largely an alias to the constructors of corresponding lattices.